Your salary does not have to reside in a fixed range determined by HR. Like any business, your salary should be based on the value you bring to work, and we can teach you how to grow it!

Grow Your Salary through Your Value

"I did not even realize how important it was to track my results from the projects and grant money I brought in annually. I was bringing exponentially more in than my colleagues but did not realize that I could negotiate a higher salary based on this. Career5 provided reports, and we strategized efforts to increase my salary by 20% that year based on this value. I was able to travel more and breathe easier with this salary. It also brought unexpected side effects like job security, outside opportunities, and confidence in my ability to provide because I now know how to grow this aspect of my career. " - Lisa A.

Through coaching, we will work through your measurable statements, dial-in mindsets, and assure you know what exactly you bring to the table and can confidently convey your value and past successes for the raise that you deserve!

Typically for our clients, this package improves their salary trajectory by at least 5-10K+ annually, sometimes substantially more.


Ways We Can Work with You



Always Know Your Value at Work!

You have one shot at getting a salary based on your value. It's typically assumed you will negotiate higher in some way, even if you feel as if they are offering the best they can offer. A company will tell you if it's unable to go higher or not, but you want to make the most over time because your entire salary trajectory is affected by this one process. Let us help you through it.

Did you know that it is recommended to look for a higher position every two years?

Yes, Ladders came out with a study about this that shows if workers stay within a company for longer than two years over time, they will get paid 50% less vs looking for a new position. You have to stay on top of your own growth... much like growing your own business.

Ready to find out more?

Most people are able to negotiate $5K-$20K+ more using our strategy.