With Accelerated Job Search®, we can cut your search by months by quickly reaching out to targeted hiring authorities on your behalf to get in front of the job posting process.

Your job search just got a whole lot easier! This highly- strategic job marketing effort focuses on rapid networking to targeted hiring authorities (not "spray and pray"), saving you months of lost time and wages looking for work. Here's how it works.

Set up criteria, strategy, and scripts for your list of up to 300 people.

Target your specific companies of interest.

Target based on geolocations, industries, company size, and keywords.

Send messages to hiring managers (your logical boss), in-house talent managers, and industry recruiters.

Saves you thousands in lost wages and builds high-quality connections for future opportunities.
Works for most industries and roles from Professional to C-Level. This also works great for college interns and graduates.



The Accelerated Job Search Campaign simulates a modern version of headhunting.

Accelerate Your Networking


We connect you directly to the right people, saving you thousands of dollars in lost wages.

Over 85% of jobs come through some form of networking. Don't wait for a recruiter to find you work (passive effort). Target the work you want instead (proactive effort). We reach out to hundreds of hiring authorities on your behalf which:

  • Speeds job search process by weeks/months.
  • Opens up more opportunities that lead to interviews for unposted jobs.
  • Builds your network with high-quality people for future opportunities.
  • Expands out your "networking for work effort" by 10X.
  • Continue campaigns until you get a job. Continue it after you get a job to nurture your connections.
  • Salespeople use this service as well.

Our clients make great traction with this. If you are using this method and applying to jobs, you will be covering the best methods to find work quickly.

Tim"Hello. I think we can put a hold on the emails. The response has been great. I have multiple interviews lined up just within 2 days! Thank you. I will let you know if we need more."-Tim A., Business Development Director in Logistics.


Why do an Accelerated Job Search Campaign?

Because 80% of jobs are never posted. Networking out to hiring managers, professional associations, board members, and staffing recruiters both in house and external are the best ways to get a job. But who has time to reach out to hundreds of people to get in front of the right companies and hiring authorities before a job is posted? Expedite your job search exponentially saving months of time.

For pandemic relief, 10% has been automatically taken off of all orders.

We guarantee that you get a job within 2 months using our FULL ACCELERATED JOB SEARCH CAMPAIGN while following our Rapid Job Search Strategy® or we will provide one more free month of running your campaign and a 30-minute coaching session to make sure you on the right track. See our guarantee.


See below. This works great for professionals, college graduates, and mid-level. Many people get jobs quickly with this LITE campaign. Use Affirm (annual payment plan) or PayPal (6 months interest-free) if needed.

Combine with a resume package and this cost is only $299. Use Code COMBO2021.

affirmStarting at $32/mo with . Prequalify now


See below. Recommended for anyone that needs a job as soon as possible because we keep the traction ongoing for up to 3 months. This is your BEST CHANCE of getting a job quickly and saves you weeks and months of missed earnings. Use Affirm (annual payment plan) or PayPal (6 months interest-free) if needed.

affirmStarting at $101/mo with . Prequalify now


See below. Recommended for Senior Executives and C-Level. We take much longer to strategically curate the right lists of contacts for you to reach out to and add our database of executive search connections. Use Affirm (annual payment plan) or PayPal (6 months interest-free) if needed.

Starting at
$188/mo with . Prequalify now

Package Feature/ComparisonLITEFULL
Purchase package (below) and fill out a quick discovery form.
Send us your resume and LinkedIn profile. We give suggestions if this needs to be branded better.

We jump on a quick call and go over this process to ensure we target the right people and companies.
We work together on your unique branded messaging that will we send out on your behalf.
We pull a strategically targeted list from our database of thousands of companies and contacts. You review and delete unwanted names to ensure you're targeting the right people.
We send out personal messages on your behalf to ~500 targeted people steering them to your LinkedIn profile (hiring managers (your logical direct report), talent, staffing managers, and recruiters).
You answer incoming messages, ask for advice, information about the role you are seeking and see if you can fill a need for a position/gap that they have, which leads to being hired. We have easy scripts to help you in these conversations.
We set up and organize your efforts with our Job Search Track sheet to track your leads as they come in, moving warm leads forward until you get your new job.
We reach out via professional emails simultaneously to ensure we are reaching out to targeted people with your resume attached.
We target geolocated executive search firms in your industry and lists can be highly focused.
Services are typically finished in...2 weeks but leads keep coming in for weeks after2 weeks & continued with a new list every 2 weeks until you find a job or 2 months have gone by; ifyou have not gotten a job, we will run it for another month.2 weeks & continued with a new list every 2 weeks until you find a job for a total of 6 months; ifyou have not gotten a job, we will run it for another month.


What clients are saying...

(Email check-ins with client. See replies.)

"It's going well! I'm averaging 5-7 calls a week. I have had 2 possible opps come up. Today I meet with the 2 owners of one opportunity. I'll let you know how it goes." -Charles, VP of Sales

"I wanted to let you know I've accepted a position at [great company] as an Employee Relations Advisor. It's the job I was hoping for and I know that your resume template and the assistance you've given me is what helped propel me into getting an offer. I want to thank you for all your support. I've got a TON of HR contacts on my LinkedIn profile who will all soon know about my new position! Thanks for all your guidance!" - Rick J. (Landed a position shortly afterward).

"I have 5 opportunities in the works. Things are looking up. Keep your fingers crossed! Thank you!"- Christina L., VP of Marketing.

" I am already getting request for my resume and it is just the first day! This is so exciting." - Natalie F., HR-Diversity and Inclusion

This is a great pandemic job search method. Results include:

We save between 4-12 weeks of networking
Networking gets 85% of jobs.
We fill your network with high quality connections