We quickly set up your job search efforts so you can focus on getting the RIGHT job for your career growth.
Choose Full or Individual Services for Branded Resume & LinkedIn Development, Job Search Campaigns, Value Pitch & Interview Prep Coaching, Accountability, and Salary Negotiations

We uniquely focus on 5 areas to get you noticed 10X faster and give you the authentic confidence needed to land your high-quality role quickly. You pick the areas where you need help.


Branded Resumes & LinkedIn Profiles that get your unique value, abilities, and track record noticed for high-quality roles. Includes your value pitch.

Accelerated Job Search Campaigns & Resume Distribution targeting hiring authorities (on your behalf) 10X faster and/or submitting your resume discretely to 60+ job boards for recruiters to find.

Interview Prep Coaching to learn how to convey your value and be the solution when networking/interviewing.

Job Search Accountability is the best way to ensure traction so you reach your targeted role so you can grow.

Unique Salary Negotiations to learn strategies that will allow you to earn what you are worth and make $5K-$30K+ more.

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1 Professional, Executive, & C-Level Branding & Marketing

Our resume service is like no other. You work virtually with a Brand Strategist to brand your unique abilities and develop your value pitch. Then we mirror all efforts on your LinkedIn profile so that recruiters can find you. Without it, you're invisible.

Our research has shown this process:

►Gets you in touch with the Why in your career to be the fuel for job searching.
►Gets you noticed EXPONENTIALLY faster by hiring authorities.
►Attracts multiple high-quality opportunities and promotions via your unique value.
►Allows for higher salary negotiations by proving your track record of great results.
►Gives you the authentic confidence needed to land great opportunities through this deep-dive.
►As an executive, it allows you to continue to build your legacy.


2Value Pitch & Interview Prep

Job searching is comparable to consultative sales and many people are not familiar with this concept. We can help you get into the mindset so you know what to say when networking and interviewing. Practice with a virtual coach session and use our Rapid Job Search Roadmap Course to ensure you know where to target your efforts and what to say to get to the offer stage.


This saves you weeks of being stalled in your job search approach.

Executive Coaching


3Accelerated Job Search Campaigns

Created an optimized method of headhunting where we network out on your behalf to open the right doors 10X faster saving months of time (Accelerated Job Search). Meanwhile, you answer incoming messages and apply to your favorite roles that are posted to expedite the job search exponentially.

Over 85% of jobs come through some form of networking. This process:

  • Speeds job search by weeks/months.
  • Opens up leads to interviews for unposted jobs.
  • Builds your network with high-quality people for future opportunities.
  • Increases the typical leads process by 10X.
  • We run the campaign for one full month to get you the fastest traction.


4Job Search Accountability

Losing momentum is the #1 reason why people don't find their dream jobs. People often get overwhelmed by the job search, lose steam and confidence, and end up taking a less valuable/meaningful job. We can support you through this process and keep your eye on the end goal.

Get support and different perspectives on the job search to help you quickly find the next role that will help you grow your career.

Salary Negotiations Career Coaching

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5Salary Negotiations


Become the solution. Negotiate a value-based salary.

Strategize. Prepare. Prepare. Prepare.

This is where the rubber hits the road and lack of preparation can ultimately cost you thousands in potential salary and lost wages due to not negotiating for the absolute best salary that you deserve.

We have unique strategies that both help you land more job offers and negotiate often for $5-$20K higher depending on your level.


Our research has shown time and time again that by focusing on these 5 key areas, you will...

✓Be able to find high-quality positions in a pinch when needed.

✓Know how to expand out and accelerate your networking to find and create positions before they are posted.

✓Negotiate for a salary based on the value you bring to your work instead of market rate for your position.

✓Be promoted more often toward growth roles.

✓Have more energy and momentum to make positive impact at work.


Executive Coaching Near Me

Our winning combo to get started...

Branded Resumes/LinkedIn Development + Accelerated Job Search Campaign

We market you and connect you to hundreds of hiring authorities/recruiters we specifically target/you approve the list.


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Marketed resumes get noticed faster by
Average Salary Increase Using Framework
Network to targeted hiring managers

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Why is an authenticpersonal brand important?


Ultimately, your brand is your legacy. It is the way you are known today and how you will be remembered when you leave. It reflects who you are, which is more important than what you do. Your legacy is the most realistic representation of how you lived, behaved and interacted with others, and how they felt about you.

We work with all of our clients to build authentic brands!

"More than half of employers won't hire potential candidates without some sort of online presence today." - Career Builder


What Clients Are Saying...


"The set looks awesome. You guys did a great job. I have been very impressed with the experience and the final product. You have been flexible, consultative, and overall accommodating to get me in the best position possible. Looking forward to getting this out on the market. It's a much better representation of me. Thank you!!!!!" - Aaron H. VP of Strategy. (more testimonials)

Imagine going to work every day, where you feel like you are truly making an impact, earning what you're worth, and continuously growing. Start treating your career as your own personal business to move mountains.

Hi, I'm Aimee Marcelo, founder of Career5. I'm here to help you carve out meaning into your work by taking ownership of your job search and career growth... to think of your career as YOU, Inc., and to run it like your personal business. I have worked with hundreds of midlevel to C-Suite executives like you to help them get in touch with their mission, value, and confidence so you can market yourself authentically to land the opportunities you deserve. You don't have to wait another day to get started. Let us support you on your road there. Why Career5?

Career5 will always stay committed to offering affordable solutions for people of all income levels.

Aimee Marcelo

Need a full-service executive package to support you through this ENTIRE process? Our expert executive coaches and optimized process can guide you quickly to your next position.